• Ayurveda Drugs "Herbs"
    Herbs are fundamental to medicinal Ayurvedic
    practice. Long before the arrival of
    pharmaceutical drugs, people lived long,
    healthy lives just using herbs for centuries.
    Ayurvedic herbs continually test very
    successfully in modern scientific research labs
    as being medicinally potent.

    It employs various techniques and things to
    provide healing or relief to the ailing patients.
    One of the things that ayurveda uses is
    medications of plant origin.
  • Body Care
    Ayurvedic massages (therapeutic massage) help
    in detoxification of the body, regulating
    lymphatic drainage, removing lactic acid
    from the tissues ,clearing fluid retention,
    ensuring good blood circulation. Beside
    this we sell quality Ayurvedic products ,
    pure Indian herbs, handmade soaps , herbal teas ,
    pure essential oils etc..
  • Shirodhara
    Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurvedic healing
    practice performed in India for over 5,000
    years. The word shirodhara breaks down
    into two ideas: “shiro,” meaning head, and
    “dhara,” which means flow. Together they
    form a concept that aims to bring physical
    and emotional balance by rejuvenating the
    spirit and preserving health. This is achieved
    through a relaxing technique in which
    warmed oil is poured over a client’s
    forehead for an extended period of time
  • Ayurveda Spa
    Narmada Ayurveda helps individuals to
    understand their unique constitution (dosha),
    thereby empowering them to follow the
    proper guidelines for sustaining health.
    We also provide daily-routine products,
    including our own hand-crafted, organic,
    herb-infused oils, as well as a variety of
    therapies that aid in rejuvenation and healing.
  • Meditation
    Meditation is one of the proven alternative therapies.
    It can be broadly classified under the mind-body medicine.

    Doctors are prescribing meditation as a way to lower
    blood pressure, improve exercise performance in
    people with angina, help people with asthma
    breathe easier, relieve insomnia and generally
    relax the everyday stresses of life. Meditation is
    a safe and simple way to balance a person's physical,
    emotional, and mental states. It is simple; but can
    benefit everybody
  • Kati Basti
    This is a very popular therapy amongst people
    who complain about back pain, stiffness, and
    other back concerns related to spinal disc problems.

    Medicated herbal oil is applied on the back,
    and the local Marma points are energized.
    This treatment considerably increases the
    circulation in the region, as the medicated oil
    gets deeply absorbed into the skin, and
    both nourishes and strengthens the muscles
    and nerves.
  • Ayurveda Beauty Care
    Enjoy the glow of radiant skin
    with special Ayurveda treatments
    of milk, herbs and flower essences.
  • Healing touch
    Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing energy therapy.
    Gentle touch assists in balancing your physical,
    mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
    Healing Touch works with your energy field to
    support your natural ability to heal.
    It is safe for all ages and works in harmony
    with standard medical care.
  • Ayurveda Abhyanga
    The supreme bliss of Ayurvedic
    Four-Hand massage will allow your
    mind to transcend while your body
    enjoys the ultimate nourishment.
  • Nasal Therapy
    Great relief for allergies, sinusitis,
    migraine headache, and frequent colds
  • Pinda Swedana
    Revitalization of the entire body, promoting
    energy, increased mobility, and flexibility

    Builds and restores muscle tissue, aids in
    muscular fatigue, weakness, and pain

    Restores joint function, helpful in arthritis,
    paralysis, limited mobility
    Neuromuscular disorders, including MS, Parkinson's, insomnia
  • Yoga
    Ayurvedic Yoga means transcending the
    senses, mind, intellect and ego. Yoga
    Asanas (postures) assist the body to be
    fit for health and enlightenment.
  • Yoga Nindra
    Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep, a state of
    conscious deep sleep for extreme relaxation and
    subtler spiritual exploration.

Welcome to Narmada Health

Narmada Ayurveda Centre Pvt. Ltd. was started at the beginning of year 2011 by dedicated teams of doctors and other professional, as an ayurdeva hospital at Kathmandu, Nepal with ultimate aim of providing holistic, natural and effective treatment. The centre was committed in taking guidance of all the traditional methods of medicine and effective natural treatment procedures of Ayurveda. This health centre was equipped with Ayurveda doctors and all treatment procedures were decided after a thorough discussion.

We have well trained professional therapists and monitoring their work from time to time to ensure the strict procedures of ayurveda treatments.

Narmada Ayurveda Centre was promoted with all senior doctors of ayurveda with trained professional staffs as a solid foundation. Narmada Ayurveda Centre family dedicated totally to the medical profession. It always finds enjoyment in case studies and applying the scientific knowledge to the betterment of Ayurveda, and its improvement with their teams.

We are proud to introduce combined services under a single roof to offering various treatments and medications to chronic ailments and modern day lifestyle diseases. This health centre is becoming a ray of hope to the hopeless patient's. Narmada Ayurveda Centre has numerous services under a same roof, and some are under to process. We have approach to combine all traditional therapy to cure our hopeless patient's with complete harmless therapy.

Our motto is to cure the diseases and improve health condition of the patients in natural ways.