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Choose meat product far from our genetic code

Nature has given us many varieties of meat products or non-veg food. Starting from mammals, aves, reptiles, arthropods to Pisces and many more. While intaking meat products what we should keep in mind is that we should not eat something which is very close to our genetic character. For example, pork, buff, beef etc is just like us. They are also a member of the mammal family like us. They share the same genetic code. We have developed from the same genetic pool and have crossed some kind of developmental phase. Their body is made up of the same type of things which our body is made up of.

So we can’t get a different type of nutrition from them. So when we eat something similar to us (genetic character), there is high chance of disease development. So it’s better to eat something which is far from our genetic code like chicken from aves family, fish from Pisces or seafood from arthropod category.

The food which we eat becomes us. We should eat for our physical body and mental body. We should not eat something that can make complexity inside us. 

So it’s better to eat non veg food which is far from our genetic code.