Five Elements

They are the basic principles of the body, earth universe and cosmos.

1. Air/ wind

  • Gaseous state of matter
  • Attribute is mobility
  • No any form
  • It indicates mobility and dynamic.
  • 6 % of composition
  • In the body the wind element is responsible for the respiratory system and necessary for all energy transfers as air is the key element needed for fire to burn.
  • Wind connects to the skin which perceives touch


2. Ether

The field from which everything is manifested and into which everything  returns space in which the event occurs. No physical existence.

  • 6 % of composition
  • Exists only as the distance that separate mater.
  • The element of ether represents the space in which everything takes place.
  • Present in hollow cavities within body and empty areas of cosmos, transmits sound, non-resistant to anything, friction less or smooth, subtle, Soft, abundant..




3. Fire/ Agni

Power that can convert a substance from solid to liquid to gas or vice versa.

  • Characteristic attribute is transformation
  • In the body it is responsible for digestion and perception
  • 4% of composition
  • property-¬† hot, sharp, intense, dry, light. It emits light and heat.
  • Any food, diet, exercise, herbs which has similar properties will increase this element in our body. For example- Chillies, Ginger, Garlic, Peppers, will increase “Pitta” or Fire element ” in the body.
  • ¬†Light, Dry, Subtle, Mobile, Transparent, Rough are the properties of Air. It is responsible for movement, dryness in the body.

4. Water/Jala

  • Liquid state of matter
  • Substance without stability.
  • it indicates change or instability.
  • Water is responsible for the fluid metabolism in the body, therefore blood, lymph and other fluids are considered as water elements.
  • 72% of composition
  • Property- moist, cohesive or sticky, cool, soft and oily (unctuous).
  • Water is present in many foods, milk and herbs as well as in our body.
  • Excess of water increases the above mentioned characteristics in our body and decreases the opposite.


  • Solid state of matter
  • Characteristic attribute is stability, fixity.
  • Stable substance
  • Bones, teeth, and tissues are all considered as earth elements. Earth connects to the nose and the sense of smell.
  • 12% of composition
  • Property- It is solid, dense, stable, heavy, hard, dull and slow. It constitutes the solid structures in the universe and our body.
  • Any food, exercise, herbs which have similar properties will provide nutrition, support and cause heaviness in the body. It will also improve strength and stability.

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