Three Energy/Dosha

  1. Vata
  • governs sensory and mental balance and orientation and promotes mental adaptability and comprehension
  • resides in empty space in body and fills up subtle channels.
  • quality – dry, light, cold, rough, subtle
  • in natural state – sustains effort, exhalation, inhalation, movement of discharge of impulses, equilibrium of tissues and the coordination of senses
  • vata in excess causes emaciation, debility, tremors distention and constipation, insomnia, disorientation, dizziness, confusion and depression



  • responsible for chemical and metabolic transformations
  • governs mental digestion, our capacity to receive reality and understand things
  • Quality- little oily, sharp, hot, light, unpleasant in odor, mobile and liquid.
  • governs digestion, heat, visual perception, hunger, thirst, understanding, intelligence.
  • Pitta in excess causes yellow color of stool, urine, eyes, and skin, hunger, thirst, burning sensation and difficulty in sleep.

3. Kapha

  • provides substances and gives support
  • make up the bulk of our bodily tissues
  • physical composition is mainly water contained within the boundaries of our skin and mucus membrane.
  • gives stability, lubrication, holding together of joints and such qualities as patience.
  • causes depression of digestive fire, nausea, lethargy, heaviness, white color, chills, cough, difficulty in breathing and excessive sleeping.

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