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Generally people say you are what you eat. Before, people used to select food very wisely and eat accordingly. But again they had problems in their body due to imbalance in diet and lifestyle. Ayurveda has already said we are what we digest. Here we need to know some information about digestion or Agni

Our digestive fire or AGNI is responsible for digestion of food which we eat . If Agni is strong enough it will digest food properly. But if agni is not strong or not working properly, it will be not able to digest the food. This undigested food will get accumulated in the body and will reside inside the belly, joints, and other systems of boy. These undigested food particle which get accumulated inside our system is called as AMA in Ayurveda. AMA is mainly responsible for production of disease. AMA is just like toxins.  If they get accumulated in the joint, they will cause joints problems like arthritis . So if the digestive fire is in normal condition, we do not need to worry about the food we eat. So A gni is the important thing in our nutrition and development of physical and mental body.


AMA is a toxic sticky cloudy smelly substance that can spread from gastrointestinal tract to other parts of the body While treating any disease we need to think about Agni and the presence of AMA in the body. Agni should be corrected and ama should be digested or pachana . Medicine can’t work properly in the presence of Ama and weak digestive fire. After pachana or digestion of ama only, the body becomes toxin free and main medicine according to disease can work. 

So we are not what we eat but we are what we digest.